Things to do in Tokyo

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Mt. Fujisan 1-Day Tour

Towering 3,776 meters, it is considered to be the highest mountain of the country.

It is believed that Mt. Fuji has developed its seemingly perfect cone progressively. The New Mt. Fuji was formed through volcanic activities over hundred thousands of years. There are several old volcanoes underneath, the Sen-Komitake and the Komitake, which fragments form the symmetrical profile of the Modern Fuji...

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Five Japanese sweet treats that work great for souvenirs

I have a massive sweet tooth, and getting to try delicious treats from all over the world is a bunch of fun.

My quest to discover yummy snacks didn't end when I moved to Japan - there's so many fun things to try! There are certain products that you will see on just about every supermarket or convenience store shelf, which makes it easy to grab some to sample. Here are 5 of Japan's quintessential sweets that you should be able to find with ease - they're all tasty and great to throw in your suitcase to give people back home (they'll love you for it!)

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Tokyo Grand Sumo Tournament

Sumo basically took its present form in the Edo period. Matches were held to raise money to build shrines and temples or to replace bridges. A sport that was once enjoyed only by the rich and powerful became popular among the masses as well. Sumo events were often held in Edo (now Tokyo), Osaka, and Kyoto.

The Sumo Museum was opened in September 1954 along with the completion of professional sumo's new home, the Kuramae Kokugikan. Sakai Tadamasa, its first curator said it was created to protect and preserve the rich historical heritage of Japan's national sport. In January 1985 the museum moved to its present location when sumo tournament returned to Ryogoku with the opening of the Ryogoku Kokugikan.

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