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Mt. Fujisan 1-Day Tour

Towering 3,776 meters, it is considered to be the highest mountain of the country.

It is believed that Mt. Fuji has developed its seemingly perfect cone progressively. The New Mt. Fuji was formed through volcanic activities over hundred thousands of years. There are several old volcanoes underneath, the Sen-Komitake and the Komitake, which fragments form the symmetrical profile of the Modern Fuji.

The tour starts early at 8:30 in the morning. The bus picks up guests by the LOVE statue in front of Shinjuku Island Tower. An English speaking tour guide competently supplies substantial facts for every important part or spot where the tour covers.

"What one must not miss when travelling in Japan is visiting the majestic and sacred heritage volcano – Mt. Fuji."

The first stop is the Lake Kawaguchi, the second largest among the lakes of Mt. Fuji. There are 5 lakes surrounding the mountain, Lake Motosu, Lake Sai, Lake Shoji, Lake Yamanaka and Lake Kawaguchi. Blueberry is one of the main produce in the area. There is a cafe by the lake selling blueberry ice cream. For only 350¥, it is a very irresistible treat for sweet-tooth tourists while watching the charming, unobstructed view of the volcano.

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After 20 minutes of pure astonishment of the panorama, the tour heads to the Eight Seas. This spot is famous for the amazing reflection of the Fujisan on 8 ponds surrounding the small village, most especially on a fine weather. The ponds are said to be formed through the volcanic eruptions that occurred thousand years ago. Mirroring traditional Japanese way of life, there are antique finds in the location. The area owns a manual soba milling factory and a museum of the olden village right behind it. Most restaurants offer authentic Japanese food. The freshly grilled matcha-flavored mochi is definitely worth a try. A lot of local delicacies are available for take outs. Different types of packed dried grapes as well as pickled vegetables and fruits are piled up as Omiyage. Completing the tour is a free and natural refill of the spring water from Fujisan. Tourists are advised to bring their own mugs or bottles or they may purchase water bottles beside the refilling station.

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Oshino Ninja Village is the next stop. The tour takes you to a Ninja Village where it is allowed to take photos of the ninjas in the area. They have a restaurant which offers a sumptuous lunch. They are serving Nabe, a fusion of mix vegetables and chicken with an aromatic soup, boiling through a hot pot. For dessert, mochi strawberry jelly is giving it a sweet finish. The lunch could be book inclusively of the tour package or guests may bring their own lunch. Aside from the rich culture eminent in the small town, where there is also a school where kids and kids-at-heart may train their ninja moves. By the garden, where they have a natural hot spring, guests may dip their tired feet freely while enjoying a magnificent view of the Mt. Fuji, perfect background for a selfie and very picturesque.

After 45 minutes of travel from the Ninja Village, 5th Station of the mountain is the next best thing. Tourists gather around the beautiful Fujisan. This is the closest area reachable by vehicle. The scent of the hillside air depends on the season, as there are massive shrubs, flowers and trees on the mountain zone. Among the most visited spot in this realm is the Komitake Shrine where mountaineers would stopover before climbing the majestic volcano to ask for guidance.

4D ride at Fuji-Q Highland. It never runs out of reasons to enjoy a Mount Fuji tour. Regardless of the weather, the last attraction in the itinerary is the indoor 4D Ride. An exciting virtual trip to the peak of the mountain awaits as tourists enthralled on a moving seat while having a fascinating joyride over the mountain featuring all the scenic views and scents of all seasons like a real time travel.

Overall, the day tour to Mt. Fujisan is absolutely one to strike out of every traveller’s bucket-list. Rich in cultural heritage, historical values and significant customs, sending home tourists and mountaineers with a heart full of new and priceless discoveries to love and share.

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Japan Panoramic Tours Cost
**Tour Package (with Lunch) 13,000 JPY
**Tour Package (without Lunch) 11,000 JPY
Blueberry Ice Cream 350 JPY
Mochi Matcha Flavor 150 JPY
TOEI Subway to Shinjuku Nishiguchi 270 JPY